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Welcome to spring!

We start this month's newsletter with a reminder for our clients that have claimed JobKeeper, about the importance of having your records up to date as the ATO begins its audits. We follow this with a discussion on the importance of public liability insurance.

There is an article pointing out that history shows that market volaitility is a normal and necessary part of investing and the usual update from te ATO.

With so many people working from home, we finish with some tips on how to keep eating healthily.

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Fred Tortora

Getting ‘review-ready’ for an ATO JobKeeper audit

As the ATO begins knocking on the doors of SMEs and sole traders with queries about their JobKeeper eligibility, quality record keeping is proving to be critical when asked to substantiate a claim.

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Understanding the cost of public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is one of the most important business insurances in Australia. It can cover legal costs and compensation for damages caused by your business operations.

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Coping with market volatility

Recent volatility in investment markets can be frightening when you're saving for retirement, but one of the key lessons from history is that volatility is a normal and necessary part of investing.

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From the ATO

Please find below the latest from the Australian Tax Office.

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6 ways to eat healthily when you work from home

Cereal, anyone? Nutritionist Susie Burrell shares her secrets for eating right at lunchtime when you work from home, including her 6 tips for making this process easier.

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