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On behalf of our team we want to thank you for your support this year! We hope you get a chance to rest and recharge over the holiday season and spend time with family and friends. 
It is that time of year when businesses reward their staff with parties and festivities. So we kick off our final newsletter for 2019 with a discussion on the possible FBT and income tax issues. We follow on with some tips on how you can spend mindfully this Christmas. 
We have included five things small business owners should seriously consider to avoid business burnout. As a small business owner, you may be eligible for a government grant. We have included a list of the top government grants available in Australia for startups and small businesses.
There is our usual update from the ATO, and to help you kick off 2020 with zest, we have included some tips on how to stick to healthy habits.

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Fred Tortora

Christmas Parties & Gifts 2019

With the well earned December/January holiday season on the way, many employers will be planning to reward staff with a celebratory party or event.  However, there are important issues to consider, including  the possible FBT and income tax implications of providing 'entertainment' (including Christmas parties) to staff and clients.  

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‘Tis the Season to Spend Mindfully

How often have you approached the new year under a black cloud of financial doom and gloom, straight on the back of Christmas spending?

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5 ways to avoid business burnout

Managing a business takes a lot more than knowledge alone – you also need strength and determination in spades. And that also means there’s a significant risk of burning out.

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Top government grants for startups in Australia

These free government grants for small businesses and startups are your first port of call in getting off to a flying start.

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From the ATO

Please find below the latest from the Australian Tax Office.

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4 Easy Ways to Stick to Healthy Habits

How do you keep healthy habits firmly in your daily life? Here are four easy ways to end the procrastination and kick your thoughts into actions that last.

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