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In our latest newsletter, we start off with a reminder of some of the hidden costs of running a small business. Before you lend money to a family or friend you need to think carefully - we have included some information that you should consider before you say yes.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business and we have provided some tips on setting up a receivables process.

We explore some diversification concepts for a smoother path to investment success and there is our usual update from the ATO.

If you are dreaming up your next holiday, why not consider a sustainable destination? We explore 5 holiday destinations that help to support communities, the environment, and cultural heritage.

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Fred Tortora

5 hidden costs of running a business (even from your own home)

For the first-time business owner, your ability to control costs is a critical success factor. But have you factored in these often-overlooked costs of running a business?

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Love and loans

Has a family member or friend asked you to be a 'co-borrower' or guarantee a loan for them? Before you say yes, think carefully - you could lose not only your money, but valuable assets such as your house or car.

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How to build a watertight accounts receivable process

There are many ways to get into business, but only one way to stay in – you have to get paid. That’s why a good accounts receivable process is critical.

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For a smoother path to investment success, diversify

The word diversification crops up in many contexts. You might hear a business person talk about diversifying revenue streams, or a footy fan mention a team’s need to assemble a group of players with diverse skills.

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From the ATO

Please find below the latest from the Australian Tax Office.

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5 sustainable holiday destinations to add to your travel list

From wildlife-filled jungles to some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, sustainable travel is on the rise across the globe. Sink into that hammock at one of these sustainable travel destinations.

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