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Achieve your money goals this year

Welcome to our latest newsletter where we have included 5 tips to help you achieve your money goals this year.

We have provided an overview of some initiatives that are set to change the small business landscape across Australia. Our article on managing cash flow and avoiding debt is an important read for business owners. There is also our usual update from the ATO.

"The future of retirement won't be a cliff-edge goodbye to work" provides an interesting insight into the changing relationship with work and retirement.

Eat healthily without breaking the shopping budget with some cheaper alternatives to superfoods.

If you have any questions about any of the articles in our latest newsletter, please contact this office on 02 9318 6400 or


Fred Tortora

Top 5 tips to achieve your money goals in 2019

Take control of your future by setting some financial goals this year. Here are our top tips to help make 2019 your best year yet.

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Here’s why 2019 will ‘make real waves’ for Aussie small businesses

Is 2019 shaping up to be a repeat of last on the key issues for small businesses, such as late payments, access to capital and digital processes?

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Managing cash flow and avoiding bad debt in business

Getting paid on time is essential for managing cash flow and establishing a profitable business. And while staying on top of unpaid invoices helps, there may be times when a customer can’t or won’t pay. Here’s how to handle it.

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From the Tax Office

latest from the ATO on Division 293 assessments and claims for home office expenses.

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The future of retirement won't be a cliff-edge goodbye to work

Imagine a baby is born in Europe at the very moment you finish this article. That child can expect to live for two minutes longer than one born as you finish this sentence. Increasing lifespans threaten to topple the current pensions model. But, then again, maybe it’s time for a change.

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Cheaper alternatives to superfoods

You’ll find no shortage of celebrities endorsing various superfoods all over the world wide web and their social media accounts; which is all well and good until you get a closer look at the price of these super-expensive life enhancers!

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